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Keith Banger

Vital Stats


Co-Founder and principal partner of Paradox P&D

Video Director and editor/motion graphics compositor

Lead designer, writer, and technical wizard





For as long as he can remember, Keith has held a burning passion for visual communication, storytelling, and entertainment. So when his future business partner, Jamison, approached him with the idea of teaming up to create television commercials and other creative advertising pieces for local businesses, it was the right fit at exactly the right time.

Keith attended Grand Valley State University and obtained a bachelors degree in film and video production. During this time he honed his writing ability, directorial/visual style and storytelling prowess, and won several awards for the short films he wrote and directed. His films are still presented today as showpieces for new generations of GVSU filmmakers. After college he worked extensively in both the corporate and consumer media, helming projects for businesses on both a local and national level. While serving as media director, lead designer and video producer for a national entertainment agency, Keith received recognition by the military for creating a powerful viral video on the dangers of drinking and motorcycle usage that was viewed by military leaders as far up the chain of command as the Secretary of Defense.

As co-founder and creative director of Paradox P&D, Keith is dedicated to the creation and production of exceptional advertising showpieces, and to furthering his abilities as a visual communicator and storyteller. His passion for directing and storytelling is matched only by his desire to help his clients and his vision to produce excellent work.